Nationton Republic Social Network

Nationton Republic provides you with a social network platform like that of Facebook. It connects you to your friends and family. You can send friend request, accept friend requests, chat with friends, post statuses, photos, videos, audio, post comments, create groups and events, like and share things with your friends and family.

Here, we outline a few of the common features you will find in the Nationton Republic social network.

1. Personal Profile

(a) Profile photos
(b) cover photos
(c) Contacts
(d) Relationship Status
(e) Work and Educational Background
(f) Biography

2. Timeline

(a) Timeline status updates,
(b) Photos and Photo albums,
(c) Videos and videos albums,
(d) Audio and audio albums
(e) Create events,
(f) Create Polls for voting,
(g) Share links and other websites,

3. Feedback & Sharing

(a) Like
(b) Share
(c) Share to other social networks
(d) Comments and replies
(e) Chat and messaging

4. Blogs, Groups & Events

(a) Create unlimited blog posts
(b) Create groups to to meet like-minded people
(c) Create and organize events like wedding, parties and more

5. Networking

(a) Send friend request and receive friend request,
(b) Receive friend request or reject friend request,
(c) Connect with friends, family and other people around the world


Get together with just the people that matter to you the most


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