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Ultimately, we provide social network service where you can share & communicate with friends & families and at the same time buy & sell products within a well-designed online marketing system comprising, classified ads platform & complete dedicated individual online shops. Find the details below:

As a user of Nationton Republic, you can:


Nationton Republic social networkUse Nationton Republic social network to meet, share & communicate with people worldwide.

Nationton Republic is the leading professional social network in Ghana. You can use Nationton Republic to meet people online, connect with family and friends, chat, share photos, videos, music and more, build & promote a professional social profile and portfolio.   Learn More


Create advertisement to hype and promote your own products and services on Nationton Republic.

Also, Nationton Republic is a powerful global classified ads market place where you as an individual or  a business can create advertisement about your own products and services and advertise to the Nationton users and the rest of the internet population.  Learn More



Nationton Republic ecommerce serviceUse Nationton Republic to open your own online shop, sell your products and services and receive payment via credit cards and mobile payments online.

Don't let the problem of local cash payment limit your sales to only the people in Ghana. Now with a professional eCommerce service on Nationton Republic, it is ultra easy to setup a dedicated online shop on your Nationton account and start receiving only payment via credit cards worldwide.  Learn More



Below is a list of the major features available in Nationton Republic as a social network, classified ads and e-Commerce service:

Major features of Nationton Republic

(Helps to start or grow initiatives)

1. Social media network:

Meet new people, share important moments, communicate and collaborate with like-minded people.  This provides you with basis for the needed audience and attention for your goals, pursuits and initiatives or business.


2. Nationton Republic Groups:

You can create private or public groups for the promotion of your passion or purpose and to gain personalize support for your initiative. The groups help you to handpick the right people you want to move with in your journey to success.


3. Nationton Republic Discussion Forums:

Discussion forum allows you to discuss issues with the entire community of Nationton Republic users. The forum is particularly useful especially during the times when you need answers to questions fast. Use the forum and get the secret answers to the of hidden opportunities in the world.


4. Nationton Republic Polls System

Polls on Nationton Republic allows you to conduct a survey  and gather data about any subject of interest the easy way. Example if you have multiple ideas and you wonder which idea will sell better, you can find out by creating Nationton Republic polls.


5. Sales & Earnings:

If you find Nationton Republic useful while using it, you can easily aid in advertising it simply by sharing your referral link to other social media platforms. Good news is that Nationton pays you 90% commission per each subscription occurring on Nationton through the referral link. This actually makes for very good source of capital which you can use to start or expand your own business or take care of your daily expenses.



(Helps to promote your initiatives)

6. Nationton  Republic  Classified ads platform:

The classifieds ads platform is designed to ensure effective online advertisement of your own products & services. As you will find that Nationton Republic is the platform for your own productions, you will also find that it is the outlet for marketing your products to thousands of Nationton users and the rest of the internet population.


7. Nationton  Republic Online stores:

Now, with Nationton Republic, getting your own online store is very easy. Business account users on Nationton Republic can use Nationton to set up their own online shop, integrate credit card and mobile money pays, sell online and receive payments directly into their own bank accounts.


8. Nationton Republic Blogging system:

The Nationton blogging system is also available to give you voice. Write about the things that matter to you the most and publish it using Nationton tools to create a powerful awareness.


9. Nationton Republic Events System:

If you are success, organizing events like seminars, product launching, conferences, weddings, parties and more will be needed. The events system has been designed to help you effective organize and invite people to attend.


10. Nationton Republic Music promoter:

While music lovers will find Nationton Republic to be the place for their favorite music, music artistes and producers will find Nationton Republic as a hub to upload & promote their music to the internet population.


11. Nationton  Republic Movie or Video promoter:

Much like the music, video & movie lovers will find Nationton Republic to be the hub for their favorite videos or movies. At the same time, video makers and movie producers can use Nationton Republic as the central repository to upload and promote their videos and movies.


12. Nationton Republic Website/blog promoter:

Nationton Republic also has the powerful tool  where you can insert your website or blog URL and the tool will neatly generate a permanent advertisement about your website/blog and promote it.


13. Nationton  Republic Social media promoter:

Nationton Republic allows to share all your contents like photos, music, videos, adverts, groups, blogs, events, store products etc from Nationton Republic to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more which serve to effectively promote your things.


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