The Purpose Of Nationton Republic

Someone graduates from the university and five (5) or more years, the person does not have a job.


For some reason, another person could not go to school and the person is left to face the tides of financial hustles alone.


The other talented persons like singers, rappers, actors, writers, sophisticated thinkers and inventors have that blazing passion and there is no one to understand them or help them out.


A business oriented person has that great idea but no capital to get his dreams off the ground.


Still, someone is in dire need of basic necessities and the person has to live with that, the pain for the rest of his/her live.


Meanwhile, someone is in the country, overeats, overuses and misuses every resource everyday-- the resources that belong to us!


So I ask:

For  how long must you stare to be aware?
For how long must you be prompted to remember?
How much learning is enough for knowledge?
How much theory is enough for  application?
For how long must we suffer before solution?


I have been a victim of the tyranny, this tyranny of poverty and I say enough is enough! Somebody has got to do something!


Even in developed countries, there are crowd funding organizations that help people get financial aid easily to get their heads around.


I, Nationton Kyei Long-Freeman, and my team at Nationton Information Technology decided to create a business that will solve problem on a large scale.


We built Nationton Republic to be an online business that puts the power of trade in the hands of our users who offer their marketing services for financial returns.


The meaning of "republic" in Nationton Republic is "freedom"-- a state where freedom and power is in the hands of the people.


How can you boast of freedom if you lack money, the power to claim what is rightfully yours?


At Nationton Republic, it is our goal that everyone user will be great, productive and independent regardless of age.


The long and short of the story is:

We have raised a great business -- a social network and eCommerce technology, which allows individuals and companies to establish their presence online, promote small scale and large corporate businesses, boost productivity and increase profits. We need more customers on our service. But we  can't do all the work alone so we have adopted affiliate marketing strategy as a lifetime opportunity which allows our users to participate in the business whereupon, we pay our users anytime they help us find more customers through referrals.


Thank you.

Nation Kyei Long-Freeman




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