What Nationton Republic IS NOT

a. The main thing we do at Nationton Republic IS NOT referrals & registrations.

b. Nationton Republic IS NOT a place where you go to double your money.

c. Nationtion Republic IS NOT a place where you go to save money and receive interest on your savings. We do not receive deposits and we do not pay interest.

d. Nationton Republic IS NOT an investment website, financial institution or something of the sort.

e. If a person does not see any use of our social network & eCommerce service, the person SHOULD NOT REGISTER FOR NATIONTON REPUBLIC.


What Nationton Republic is

(a) Nationton Republic is an online social network where people meet, connect, share things and communicate with one another.

(b) Nationton Republic is classified ads market place where people create advertisement about their own products and services to promote their own businesses.

(c) Nationton Republic is an eCommerce platform where people can create online shops to sell their own products worldwide and receive payment via online payment methods like credit cards and more.

(d) While we pay commissions to users who help sell our service through referrals as part of our affiliate program, we do not require you as a user of Nationton to refer people to the site or recommend the service to another person.


No mobile network service affiliation

We are a private service and we DO NOT have any partnership or any affiliation whatsoever with any mobile service provider or any telecommunication network service in Ghana. We use the service of MTN, TIGO, VODAFONE and AIRTEL only as they have made available to their customers and nothing more.



We provide our service subject to applicable laws of Ghana and through these laws, we seek to protect our interest, right and freedom to work, employ resources, pay for related costs, make profits and to pay tax. 

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