Nationton Republic Buy & Sell Mareket

Also, Nationton Republic provides you with the great buy & sell market platform, designed to help you find sellers and buyers faster.  There are people on the Nationton buy & sell market who are posting adverts about the things you want to buy. In the same way, you can post adverts about a service or a product you have to offer.

This is how Nationton buy & sell market works:


Posting Your Ad

 You post your ad for free by clicking on +Post Your Ad


Review of Your Ad.

 (a) After you have posted your ad, your ad is submitted to be reviewed by the team at Nationton Republic.

(b) Your ad will be approved if it conforms with the policies regarding the terms and conditions on Nationton Nationton Republic as well as the rules on Nationton Republic, and be rejected if it does not conform with the terms and conditions and the rules.


After Your Ad is Approved

 (a) If your ad is approved, it will appear on the Nationton Republic for publicity.

(b) The number of times an ad has been viewed is counted automatically and is visible to only the user who posted the ad. so you can check how your ad is performing by going to +My Ads.


Getting More Publicity.

 (a) You can promote each of your ads by using a sharing button on the ad to share the ad to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

(b) Your ad will also automatically be sent to the database of search engine providers such as Google, Yahoo etc so that people searching for things related to your ad can find your ad on the internet.


Ad Expiration

(a) During the time you are posting the ad on Nationton, you will have the choice to choose the number of days (60 days maximum) that your ad should take before expiring.

(b) Once the period specified for your add is reached, your ad will expire and will stop appearing to other people except you.

(c) When your ad has expired, you can edit it and submit it for review so to publicize it one more


Getting Customers from Your Ad.

 (a) Your ad will be viewable to all users of Nationton Republic as well as all other people who are not members of Nationton Republic.

(b) People searching for items on the internet related to your ad whether on Google, Yahoo, or another search engine or on Nationton Republic may find your ad.

(c) The prospective customers that your ad is targeting may contact you concerning your ad.

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