The Nationton Affiliate Program

Carefully pay attention to this information and decide for yourself how much you want to earn per day on Nationton Republic.

Nationton pays as much as 90% commission to you. It's very simple; simply let people know that they can chat, socialize, sell their own products and promote their businesses on Nationton Republic. If they are interested, show them to this site with the aid of your referral link. Your commission will be as follows:


If a person subscribes for Flight Account via your referral link:
1 person, earn GHS9
5 people, earn GHS45
20 people, earn GHS180
50 people, earn GHS450
100 people, earn GHS900
400 people, earn GHS3,600


If a person subscribes for Personal Account via your referral link:
1 person, earn GHS13.5
5 people, earn GHS67.5,
20 people, earn GHS270,
50 people, earn GHS670,
100 people, earn GHS1,350,
400 people, earn GHS5,400

If a person subscribes for From Business Account via your referral link:
1 person, earn GHS90,
5 people, earn GHS450,
20 people. earn GHS1,800,
50 people, earn GHS4,500,
100 people, earn GHS9,000,
400, people, earn GHS36,000

What does this mean?
A person can subscribe for flight account, personal account or business account on Nationton Republic.

(1) We pay you GHS9 as commission if a person subscribes for flight account via your referral link.

(2) We pay you GHS13.5 as commission if a person subscribes for personal account via your referral link

(3) We pay you GHS90 as commission if a person subscribes for business account via your referral link

The more you work with us, the more you earn.

Why do we pay you?
We have raised a great business -- a social network and eCommerce technology, which allows individuals and companies to establish their presence online, promote small scale and large corporate businesses, boost productivity and increase profits.

We need more customers on our service. But we can't do all the work alone so we have adopted affiliate marketing strategy as a lifetime opportunity which allows you, our user to participate in the business whereupon, we pay you anytime you help us find more customers through referrals.

We pay you because, our business grows whenever you recommend our service to other people and they subscribe to our service. In fact the commission we pay to you is similar to the advertising fee which we pay to the radio and TV stations that advertise our service.


There is no limit to how many people you can recommend our service to and there is no limit to how much you can earn. This is a lifetime opportunity for everyone.

It doesn't matter your account type. You can refer flight account, personal account and business account subscribers. This means that even if you have paid GHS10 to join Nationton, you will still get GHS90 if the person you refer subscribes for business account.

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