Nationton Information Technology appeals to the general public to explore the immense features of Nationton Republic and its powerful technology and help raise Nationton Republic as a business that benefits everyone.

In effect, Nationton I.T would like to inform the general public and emphasize the main use of Nationton Republic, one of its innovative services. Since 4th April, 2016, Nationton I.T has put in its disclaimer that Nationton Republic is a social network and an eCommerce service and not an investment website or financial institution. "However, we continue to get numerous requests from people who wish to use the site only as a referral scheme where one person deposits money for nothing, convinces or invites another person to deposit money for nothing and then receives a percentage of the invitee's deposit. Other people also request to deposit money so as to obtain interest on their deposits". The CEO, Nation Kyei Long-Freeman of Nationton I.T said during our internal business business assessment.

Long-Freeman continued, "The purpose of Nationton Republic is to serve as an online resource useful to ordinary individuals and organizations for business growth and economic development. We aspire that Nationton Republic will be able to help its users to work and earn money towards the users' financial freedom. We are also aware that a source of money that is not based on a sound economic activity is unsustainable and unreliable. While we allow our users to recommend our service to others and receive commission on the sales they make through our affiliate program, we will like to make it clear that the affiliate program is in no way an opportunity for anyone to practice any "no-economic-service-just-money-to-money" referral scheme.
Consequently, the CEO has ensured that, wherever a page on the Nationton Republic talks about the affiliate program, a link to the disclaimer is clearly written so people can easily know about the disclaimer.

A person who would like to register for Nationton Republic must take note of the following.
"The affiliate program is for only our users. If you are not a Nationton user and you are registering only because you want to earn money from the site, note that you do not qualify to register. Register for the service only if Nationton Republic as a social network, online marketing system and eCommerce service is useful to you even without the affiliate program. This is to ensure the quality of our service and its effectiveness as an online resource for business growth and economic development." The CEO added.

Nationton Republic has immense features and powerfully designed to be very useful. Here are the main features of Nationton Republic:

Professional profile, make friends, chat, create moments with photos, videos, sounds, Like, share,  comment & more.

Create unlimited adverts about your own products & services, market your own business professionally to thousands of users on Nationton.

Get your own dedicated online shop. For those that want to sell their products abroad and receive payment via credit cards, Nationton Republic is the solution for you.

Website owners and bloggers who want conversion and traffic to their sites should go to Nationton Republic. Enter your website link and the system will generate your site content and place advert about your site in front of thousands of Nationton users.

Whatever your initiative is, it's a privilege to have a group of Nationton users to discuss with. Nationton provides you the tools to create group of Nationton users to share common idea with.

Have a question and want answers & opinions from plenty people? Nationton has both open & private forum discussions for you.

Creative music artistes & Short video makers, Want more rating, discussions and popularity on your music and videos? Create you album on Nationton Republic and see the difference it makes.

Want to share your poems, music lyrics, story series, articles, tips and techniques, expert advice or news & publications? Nationton has got you covered. Platform is there for you to get the needed publicity for your work.

Upcoming wedding, birthday,    pool party, or get-together? Nationton has the tools to help you organize people fast and easy. Go get it.  


Also Nationton I.T appeals to everyone who is interested in Nationton Republic to read on the official site of Nationton Republic as the reliable source of information bout Nationton Republic and not just word of mouth of other people.  This way, we are all reliably informed about the service before and after subscribing for it and we are less likely to misrepresent it.

Thank you for your interest in Nationton Republic.

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