Social network service is not completely free


A lot of people think social network service is completely free because that is how social network owners have defined social network service to look like. Actually, social network is only free on the surface and paid for in the inside. Indirectly, social media owners have divided the features of the social network into “core features” and “premium features”. While people can use core features for free, they must pay in order to use the premium features. The core features usually include sharing and communicating with people like chatting, posting photos, liking other people’s items, posting statuses, etc. The premium features include commercial advertising --- if you want to use the social network’s most powerful advertising tools to advertise your products and services and reach your target audience effectively, then you must pay significantly for every single advertisement you post. For the people using these social media’s premium advertising tools, it is like paying for every single status update that they post. So basically, social network service is in packages where a package determines your privileges on the network. If you want package “A” which limits your privileges, then its free but if you want package “B” which extends your privileges, then you must pay for it. Can you say social network service is 100% free?


Say it again: Mr. Kofi’s sole purpose for using social network is to use the social network’s most effective advertising tools to advertise his products and services. Mr. Kofi is using social network for free right? Of course not--the social network service is not free for Mr. Kofi. 


Unlike other popular social network services, the service of Nationton Republic as a social network has been explicitly grouped into different packages which represent different degrees of access and privileges of a user. A person can pay a small fee for the particular package he or she wants to enjoy its privileges which is completely legitimate. Like the popular open source saying, we created Nationton Republic not for free but for freedom. Our target customers are people who want to use social network as a social utility and a business tool. Nationton Republic has enormous features directly in favor of the success of your personal initiatives and business goals and is worth paying for. We wish to partner you in your journey to finding a social network that is much fulfilling --helps you to balance between effective socialization and successful business. 

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