Future of social media

Our goal:

Our goal is to make social media enjoyable as a social utility and at the same time, financially beneficial to its users.


Problem Statement:

Many people live fake life on social media: they are rich and famous on social media; they appear to have happy life on social media but in real life, they are broke and miserable. The case is not same for social media owners who reap billions of dollars from their social media.

(1) By 2017, social media ad spending will reach $35.98 billion, representing 16.0% of all digital ad spending globally, according to eMarketer. These billions will go to the owners of the social media.

(2) The social media owners make these billions of dollars as a result of the day-to-day activities of ordinary people who use the platforms.

(3) On the other hand, research suggests that people who use social media are faced with the problem of social media addiction which has negative impact on mental health of many social media users according to Telegraph

(4) Researchers at Chicago University concluded that social media addiction can be stronger than addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, according to The Guardian.  

(5) While social media is generally beneficial, it exposes its users to many dangers like internet fraud, cyber abuse, and malicious software attack among others beside social media addiction. Yes, these are the dangers people are exposed to while making billions of dollars for social media owners.


What does Nationton propose?

(1) We want a social media where all those billions of dollars go to the users of the social media rather than the owners of social media.

(2) We want to see that the users of social media are the main focus of growth and prosperity rather than just the social media owners. When the individual social network users prosper, the social network as a whole will prosper because the users together are the social network.

(3) We want the fame and popularity of the social media users on social media to translate into the real life of social media users.

(4) We want the general idea of social media to bring to mind, the opportunity to achieve once dreams not just the pleasure of chatting, posting updates and living unreal life.

(5) If users of social media enjoy these benefits above, we believe, it will be fair compensation to social media users given their contribution to the growth of social media and yet the risk they bear.


So what is Nationton Republic doing different as a social network?

The goal is to make social media enjoyable as a social utility and at the same time, financially beneficial to its users.

Nationton Republic has placed its users as the center of focus of prosperity. Thus all the benefits of Nationton Republic are available to its users just as they are to its owners.

The benefits are:

(1) The benefits of social network and online marketing system:

Nationton Republic provides a platform for its owners to network, share and communicate with people and at the same time effectively market their products and services towards successful realization of personal or business goals. This same opportunity is available to all users of Nationton Republic. 

(2) Profit sharing:

Nationton Republic owners have adopted a flexible affiliate marketing program which allows its users to aid in marketing the service of Nationton Republic. The affiliate program allows a Nationton Republic user to optionally earn 90% of the revenue earned by Nationton Republic owners whenever some subscribes for Nationton Republic through recommendation or referral link of the user. This 90% commission is so huge that a single user who markets Nationton Republic service well can earn 9 times more than the total profit earned by Nationton Republic owners.

We expect that as Nationton Republic advances, people will be able to resell the service of Nationton Republic as a major business they do. Nationton Republic is expected to create a huge employment for people in Ghana and beyond. Nationton Republic’s affiliate marketing program uses similar approach as does Google Adsense. Good Adsense has created employment for millions of people worldwide; Nationton Republic has similar prospect.


(3) Social network redefined

People often think of social media in terms of the pleasure of chatting and posting status updates. We have redefined the concept of social network to include its business prospects as direct privileges for its users. This will help the users of Nationton Republic to expect and evaluate the business opportunities available to them as social media users and to utilize them. There is social interaction everywhere even in the world of business. Thus users can achieve socialization while exploring the world of business. With this in mind, users can take advantage of their fame and popularity on social media, translate it into business opportunity and live it for real. 



In conclusion, social media industry is worth about $33.5 billion.  Social media owners make these billions through your day to day interaction on social media even while you bear the risk of online security threats. We believe you deserve a direct share of these billions and we recommend that you look at the business aspect of social media as the social media owners do. We look for a future where you are able enjoy social media as a social utility and at the same time, as a source of meaningful employment and income. Support us to redefine social media to benefit you and make the dream a reality. Register for Nationton Republic.


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